About IP-guard

IP-guard 3 and IP-guard 2 Functionalities Comparison
I am using iMac Intel-based notebook with dual OSs, the agent is still enable under the Microsoft Windows?
IP-guard agent supports Microsoft Windows 11/ Windows Server 2019?
What are the 15 modules in IP-guard? 
Which network ports are used by IP-guard? 


During IP-guard setup, I've get the error message (7) that it cannot recognize the SQL installation 
Setup Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 Download: pdf 
Setup Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2 Download: pdf 

IP-guard Database

How to attach the console backup if the Data Error message appear? 
The log database is so large, how to re-create it with only basic information? 
How to move the OCULAR3 database from MSDE to SQL server 2005 Express? 
How to move the OCULAR3 database from MSDE to SQL server 2008 R2 Express? 
How to check the collation which the SQL server using? 

IP-guard Server

I have upgraded my IP-guard with issued serial number, why my server still expired? 
What is checkcode? 
What is the composition of Serial number? 
How to backup the data of IP-guard? 

IP-guard Console

How to review the history log for remote desktop?
What are the meaning of highlighted colors in every policy setting?
What kind of logs we can get from IP-guard?
IP guard E-mail Logging Duplication ?

IP-guard Agent

How to direct install an agent? 
What is the limitation of disk space IP-guard agent can keep data when the machine is offline?
Is IP-guard agent still enable under safe mode with or without networking? 
Shortcut to input remote control password and shortcut to request removing policies in end-user computer
How to combine the agent data from old pc to new pc? 
How to deploy agent in remote site using the direct installation method? 
Does IP-guard agent support Terminal Service?
What IM tools application is supported for logged by IP-guard?

Trial Version

How many agents and consoles are included in the trial version? 

Storage Space

How much hard disk spaces I should reserve for IP-guard


How to register of IP Guard Server 

Annual maintenance update

How to update the annual maintenance date 

IP-guard version update

How to update the IP-guard version 

Show Room

Application Management

How to custom application categories?
How to custom application class?
How to apply application policy to stop games, chat or malice programs? e.g. block MSN, game programs, Media Players etc.
How to block the application running on USB disk 

Website Management

How to custom website class?
How to apply website policy to block some websites? e.g. Youtube.com, Google video, Yahoo! video

Network Management

How to block https websites? 
How to block the HTTPS port 443? 
How to prevent users changing the IP setting? 
How to enable intrusion detection? 
How to secure internal network against unknown computers by intrusion blocking? 

Removable Storage Management

How to format the normal USB disk into IP-guard encrypted USB disk?
How to custom Removable-storage class/categories?
What is Volume ID and what is Udisk ID? 
What are the meanings of the properties fields in Removable-storage Management? 
How to control users that only can use company's authorized removable devices?
How to write protect the removable device?
How many encryption methods can be used in removable storage policy?

Document Management

How to block MP3 file?
How to backup sensitive or confidential documents? 
How to protect important folder and corresponding file? 
How to write protect USB device? 
How to backup all files except specified file type?

Instant Message Management

How to block outgoing file transfer for all IM application?
How to backup outgoing file with traced log? 
How to trace the IM session? 
What IM tools application is supported for logged by IP-guard?

Email Management

How to log email without backup attachments? 
How to block email if over the specified mail size?
How to block email with dangerous attachment? 
How to block specified sender to send email out? 
How to stop user to send email(s) to specific domain? 

Remote Maintenance

How to control agent computer remotely in IP-guard? 
How to monitor real time data of agent computer resources?
How to transfer file to agent computer remotely in IP-guard? 

Device Management

How to block removable storage device connection? 
How to disable Bluetooth/infrared connection?
Where is the detailed list of devices that can be controlled by IP-guard?

Bandwidth Management

How to custom network IP and port?
How to limit bandwidth to specified ports during peak traffic office hours?

Asset Management

How to custom additional information of hardware properties? 
How to custom additional information of software properties? 
How to query others/custom information to manage the hardware or software assets? 
How to install patches in agent for Asset Management? 
How to perform software un-installation? 
How to query the number of software installed in Asset Management? 

Printing Management

How do you know how many pages are printed from specific computer? 
How to block printed on specific printer? 
How to record only first page of printing documents?

Screen Management

How to setup and monitor screen recording policy with snapshot interval? 
How to query screen history? 
How to use multi-screen monitoring feature? 
How to monitor the computer screens in real-time? 
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