IP-guard Screen Monitoring Module enables you to watch remote users’ real-time PC activities. Whenever and wherever you are, you can easily view users’ desktop activities. Are they working or playing PC games during office hours? You won’t miss any detail of their actions.

Real-time Screen Monitoring

  • Centrally view and track users’ desktop activities
  • Specify what application screen snapshots will be recorded
  • Set different snapshot intervals on different applications

Multi-Screen Monitoring

  • Centrally watch the desktop activities of multi-computers at one time
  • Visually monitor many users’ PC activities as you like at one time (i.e., custom matrix)

Complete and Unabridged Snapshot History

  • Record users’ screen history for further analysis
  • View suspicious user’s screen history during a specified time range or suspicious user’s application usage snapshots
  • View screen history like watching video with its build-in viewer
  • Support video file conversion. Screen snapshots can be exported to WMV format and stored on administrators’ local computer.

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