IP-guard Remote Maintenance Module enables you to take control of any computer to perform complex remote maintenance at any time. You can take over screen, mouse and keyboard in real time with impressive performance and work like you are there. It allows you to quickly and easily diagnose and resolve the problems. Moreover, you can use it to demonstrate system operation to remote users easily.

Convenient Remote Control

  • Remotely and securely access remote computers with user authorization
  • Remotely control remote computers without leaving your workstation
  • Easily and remotely demonstrate the latest and needed operations to remote users

Easy-to-use Remote File Transfer

  • Transfer files, data and programs between local computer and remote computers
  • Collect samples of system failure from the designated folder of remote computers

Centralized Remote Maintenance

  • Check the real-time information and running processes of remote computers
  • Remotely and quickly diagnose the problems of remote computers
  • Centrally and easily perform remote troubleshooting .

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