There are massive data collected by IP-guard, important data is difficult to be emphasized by the massive data. And thus the potential Risk is not easy to be noticed. As a result, additional workload is needed in order to analyse the data. The Report management helps by providing 3 different kinds of report: the Statistics Report, the Trend Report and the Potential Risk Report.

Statistics Report

Provide statistics for:
  • Computer activity time, individual application execution time, as well as website browsing time
  • The number of files that being uploaded / downloaded / deleted / copied /moved / modified, and the corresponding file size
  • The printing frequency and number of page printed
  • Number of sentences and characters sent from the instant messaging software
  • Number and size of email sent

Trend Report

  • Indicate the Trend of Computer Usage for a specified period of time
  • Base on Computer, User or specific condition to provide the Usage Trend of Application, Website browsing, Printing, Email sent, File editing/deleting, Instant Messenger record and File Copy at USB Storage Device
  • The management can analysis and make comparison between different users/ computers usage.

Potential Risk Report

  • Base on the preset threshold condition to generate the potential risk counting (Low risk, Important, High risk) in order to alert any Potential Risk.
  • The threshold condition can be preset: Website Browsing Time, Application Usage Time, Printing frequency, Number of page printed, USB Storage Device plugs in frequency, file copied and its size, Instant Messenger chatting sentences and characters, Email sent frequency and its size, Frequency of file copied/edited/deleted and its size.


  • Periodically generate reports, and send to dedicate email address automatically
  • The reports can be customized by using different report templates

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