IP-guard Document Management Module not only helps you effectively manage users' document actions and block specific actions, but also records the detailed document actions of every user. With it, document information leakage has no way to take place. In addition, it backs up documents before they are modified or deleted in order to prevent unintentional and malicious data loss.

Efficient Document Control

  • Control document access permissions
  • Prohibit users from copying any files to removable media
  • Prohibit users from modifying and deleting specified documents
  • Only allow authorized users to access specified shared folders on servers
  • Prevent users from illegally accessing sensitive documents stored on specified disks and network paths

Proactive Document Backup

  • Back up confidential documents before they are changed

Complete Document Actions Logging

  • Record document actions including create, access, edit, copy, move and delete
  • Record document actions on hard disks, removable storage devices, local shares and network paths
  • Provide log enquiry function

Real-Time Alert and Warning

  • Custom warning messages
  • Send instant warning messages to users if they commit any illegal document operations
  • Pop up alert messages on administrators’ computers if any users attempt to illegally access documents

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