IP-guard Application Management Module enables you to control users’ application usage during specific time range, audit application activity and record application activity in detail. Therefore, you can learn more about users’ PC usage and analyze their work performance. IP-guard Application Management Module can help you effectively filter non-work related and risky applications to stop time wasting, data leakage and make users comply with corporate policies.

Flexible Application Category Management

  • Class all applications into your created categories according to your management needs

Unmatched Application Control

  • Limit the usage of inappropriate and non-work related applications/ application categories (e.g., AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Worldcraft)
  • Prohibit users from using specific applications or application categories during a specific time range
  • Send warning messages to users if they are trying to run unpermitted applications
  • Pop up alert messages if unauthorized users access to prohibited applications

Complete Application Logging

  • Record what applications were used
  • Record changes of windows and titles, start time, end time, users, computers and paths
  • Provide powerful searching function for log enquiry

Unique Application Statistics

  • Gather statistics on application usage by exe name, detailed version, custom user group and much more
  • Present intuitive statistical reports in list and chart (pie chart or bar chart)

Top 10 Used Application Summary

  • Provide TOP 10 used applications summary for administrators to know what applications are used most

Instant Alert and Warning

  • Custom warning messages
  • Pop up warning messages on users' desktops if they attempt to run unpermitted applications
  • Pop up real-time alert messages on administrators’ desktops if users want to run unpermitted applications

Screen Watermark

  • Type: Text Watermark, Dot Matrix Watermark, QR code Watermark
  • After login the Windows OS, the Screen Watermark will be display on the Screen
  • From the screen watermark, we can trace back the information of: username, computer name, IP-address, current time etc.
  • Can be used together with the screen recording function to trace

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