IP-guard Email Management Module automatically saves a copy of every incoming and outgoing email. Even when users delete their emails, it still has a copy for you to review. Moreover, it can block specific email accounts from sending emails to specific recipients, prohibit users sending out emails with specific subjects as well as attachments, or limit the size of emails so as to stop accidental and malicious data leakage.

Comprehensive Email Controll

  • Block specified sender accounts
  • Block specified recipients
  • Block specified outgoing email domains
  • Block users from sending emails with any attachments
  • Block emails with specific subjects
  • Block users sending files with specific file names
  • Block users sending emails over limited size

Integrated Email Record

  • Record incoming and outgoing SMTP/POP3 emails and Exchange emails
  • Record outgoing webmails and Lotus Notes emails
  • Record all contents of outgoing and incoming attachments
  • Record email subjects, senders, recipients, time, size, etc.

Instant Alert and WarningCustom warning messages

  • Pop up instant warning messages on the users’ side if unauthorized users use emails, send emails and much more
  • Pop up instant alert message to notify administrators everything and let them keep an eye on suspicious users and emails sent.

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