Indiscriminate Internet surfing, goofing around online aimlessly and bandwidth guzzling downloads by Internet users often leave enterprises with insufficient bandwidth for business critical applications. IP-guard Bandwidth Management Module not only helps you effectively control, easily optimize and reasonably distribute the existing bandwidth, but also helps you prevent bandwidth abuse and resultant chocking.

Effective Bandwidth Control

  • Limit the incoming and outgoing traffic rate of specified computers
  • Control the bandwidth of specified network port or network address
  • Provide flexible bandwidth restriction. Restriction can be set to a specific time range.

Detailed Traffic Statistics

  • Gather statistics on the incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Provide intuitive and objective statistical report

Top 10 Traffic Consumption Summary

  • Offer TOP 10 traffic consumption report by IP, port, computer, protocol, computer group and much more for administrators to learn who uses the most traffic

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