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IP-guard Systems Management solution, lets you, as a system administrator, centrally view and manage the company-wide IT assets with less time, effort, and cost. Moreover, it helps system administrator simplify the process of asset tracking, large-scale software installation, patch installation, vulnerability fix and system maintenance. In addition, it helps you effectively manage IT assets, remotely deploy software, automatically download and install patches, and instantly detect and stop external computers from connecting to the internal network to maintain system stability and protect corporate digital assets. It makes your work easier and more effective, enables you to know all changes of hardware and software in a short time, reduces your repeated operations, and lightens your workload.


Easy-to-use IT Asset Management

IP-guard Systems Management solution automatically provides you with accurate and easy-to-read hardware and software inventory. Moreover, it records hardware and software changes and immediately sends an alert message to inform you the changes. With IP-guard Systems Management solution, you can easily get a grip on IT assets.

Remote Software Deployment

IP-guard Systems Management solution enables you to centrally deploy and install software to remote computers. You do not need to go to distributed offices to install the software one by one, or send the software to all users and then teach them how to install. With it, you can save a lot of time and greatly simplify your work.

System Security Management

IP-guard Systems Management solution keeps your system secure and stable with its patch management, vulnerability management and intrusion detection functions. It automatically downloads and installs updated patches from Microsoft, detects vulnerability, provides vulnerability solutions, and stops external computers from connecting to the internal network so as to protect system security and corporate data.

Remote Troubleshooting

IP-guard Systems Management solution lets you centrally manages all of the computers in your organization. No matter how many computers you have, it helps you mange them with ease. When there is a system failure, no matter how far your branch office is, it enables you to fix it without leaving your workstation but only sitting in front of your own computer. It saves your valuable time and highly boosts your efficiency.

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