IP-guard Device Management Module helps you effectively control the access permissions of various kinds of devices, e.g., storage device, communication device, USB device, Bluetooth device, dial-up device, burning device, network device, smart phone device. It effectively and efficiently prevents sensitive data from leaking out via these devices.

Effective and Efficient Device Control

  • Block specified users from using specific devices
  • Block using specific devices during specific time range

Instant Alert and Warning

  • Custom warning messages
  • Pop up warning messages on the users’ side if users want to run any unpermitted devices
  • Pop up alert messages on the administrator’s computer if users use any unpermitted devices

You can allow or block the usage of following devices.

  • Storage Devices: floppy disk, CD-ROM, CD burner, tape drive, and removable devices (e.g., USB drive, removable hard disk, memory stick, memory card, SD card, MP3 player, and iPod), etc.
  • Dialup: dial-up Connection
  • Smart devices: Android smart phone devices, Apple iPhone, iPad devices etc.
  • Communications Devices: COM, LPT, USB controller, SCSI controller, 1394 controller, Infrared, PCMICA, Bluetooth, MODEM, Direct Lines.
  • USB Devices: USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, USB Modem, USB Image Device, USB CD-ROM, USB Storage, USB Hard Disk, USB LAN Adapter, etc.
  • Network Devices: wireless LAN Adapter, PnP Adapter (USB, PCMCIA), virtual CD-ROM and virtual LAN Adapter
  • Others: Audio devices, virtual CD-ROM, etc.

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