IP-guard, computer security software, helps organizations protect data security, manage Internet usage, and simplify IT systems management. It enables organizations to avoid costly loss of data leaks, regulate users' Internet and PC activity, and effectively manage IT systems. .

Data Loss Prevention Solution

IP-guard Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, a comprehensive data leakage protection solution, helps organizations effectively manage the threats and risks to organizations’ information, and safeguard what organizations value. It carries rich and matchless features to help organizations against data security threat, and prevent accidental and malicious data leakage. It effectively controls and protects sensitive data as it leaves, moves and transforms through your IT environment. With it, organizations can centrally monitor how the data is being used, records data operations and prevents data leaking out via various channels such as removable storage devices, email, instant messaging, and printing. IP-guard enables you to get a grip on your critical information, avoid costly loss and safeguard intellectual property.

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PC & Internet Monitoring

IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution provides companies of all sizes with an effective means to filter inappropriate and non-work related websites, emails, and IM applications. It empowers you to control and monitor application usage, bandwidth use, email sending and receiving, instant messaging, website browsing, document activity and print activity. With these features, IP-guard puts you in control of employees’ computer and internet usage so as to help companies enhance productivity, save expense, protect corporate assets, reduce data leakage risks, and improve system and data security.

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Systems Management Solution

IP-guard Systems Management solution, lets you, as a system administrator, centrally view and manage the company-wide IT assets with less time, effort, and cost. Moreover, it helps system administrator simplify the process of asset tracking, large-scale software installation, patch installation, vulnerability fix and system maintenance. In addition, it helps you effectively manage IT assets, remotely deploy software, automatically download and install patches, and instantly detect and stop external computers from connecting to the internal network to maintain system stability and protect corporate digital assets. It makes your work easier and more effective, enables you to know all changes of hardware and software in a short time, reduces your repeated operations, and lightens your workload.

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Endpoint Security Management

IP-guard Endpoint Security Management solution carries rich features to meet the needs of all sizes of organizations, comprehensively protects storage security and prevents endpoint data leakage. With it, you can ease endpoint management, fully control and encrypt removable storage device, easily and centrally block Bluetooth device, Infrared device, Wireless LAN adapter, USB hard drive, external laptop, PDA, iPhone, and other portable devices. Moreover, it enables you to easily control network access. It effectively helps you enhance data security, prevent data leakage, and protect your organization from huge loss and unintended or rogue access.

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