IP-guard Basic Management Module records all basic information of managed computers. It assists you manage computer settings and evaluate users’ computer usage as well as work performance. 

*Basic Management is a compulsory module for IP-guard system.

Basic System Control

  • Block displaying Control Panel
  • Disable the Fast User Switching feature in Microsoft Windows XP
  • Block Computers Management including device manager, disk management, local users and groups and service management
  • Block Task Manager and Regedit
  • Block Command Prompt
  • Block modifying Network Property
  • Prevent modification of IP/Mac Property
  • Block ActiveX
  • Hide My Network Places
  • Disable Print Screen key

Basic Information Logging

  • Gath system information of every workstation in detail (IP addresses, IP ports, operation system, logon account, current status, etc.)
  • Record when did users logged on, when did users shut down their PCs, and how long did their PCs actively run

Basic Event Logging

  • Record basic events, e.g., system startup/shutdown, user logon/logoff, dial-up.

Real-Time System Alert

  • Instantly pop up real-time alert messages if any hardware or software assets changes
  • Instantly pop up alert messages if users plug in or remove any unauthorized removable storage devices or communication devices
  • Instantly pop up alert messages if system information changes
  • Instantly pop up alert messages if network configuration changes

Complete Policy Logging

  • Record all the details of any policies invoked by remote PCs

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