With IP-guard IM Management Module, you can find out how long does every user spend on chatting, who they talk to, and is the conversation work-related or not. It not only can record conversation duration, participants, and both sides of conversations, but also can block users from sending sensitive data via IM applications.

Comprehensive File Transfer Control

  • Block specific file names of outgoing files
  • Block specified users from sending files
  • Limit file types of outgoing files
  • Limit the file size of outgoing files

Anxiety-Free File Backup

  • Back up all files sending out via IM applications

Complete IM Monitoring

  • Record conversation histories;
  • Record and backs up files sent via IM applications
  • Record the duration of IM chatting, local user and participants.

Real-Time Alert and Warning

  • Custom warning messages
  • Pop up warning messages on the users' side if they send documents via IM applications
  • Pop up alert box on the administrators' computers if users send out unauthorized documents.

Supported IM application

MSN, ICQ, Skype, Lotus Sametime, SINA UC, QQ, TM, RTX, POPO, etc.

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