IP-guard 3 and IP-guard 2 Functionalities Comparison

Support Unicod
Searching by specified time range
Multi-level Administrators
Multi-level Auditors
Supported by user monitoring
Logging Policy
Basic Event Log
Window Changes Log
Hardware Asset Changes Log
Software Asset Changes Log
Policies log
System Log
Record the server and console basic events
Record the console users' operations
Application startup and stop Log
Application uages analysis
Application Statistics grouped by Application Class
Multi-statisical Functions
Control Application Policies
Application Classes applied to Control Application Policies
Policies are still valid even the application name is changed
Web Browsing Web Browsing Log
Web Browsing Statistics
Web Browsing Statistics grouped by all common web browser such as Firefox, Opera and Netscape Navigator
Web Browsing Statistics grouped by Website Classes
Multi-statisical Functions
Web Access Control
Website Class Control
Support Wildcard Match and Complete URL
Network Bandwidth Record Network Bandwidth
Bandwidth Statisics grouped by Port
Bandwidth Statisics grouped by IP
Network Bandwidth Control
Restriction of specified type of network traffic
Network Control Network Port Control
Upload Download Control (Yet to achieve)
File Control Record file operations of windows explorer
Record file operations of Microsoft Applications
Record file operations of other applications
Record file operations of Instant Messengers
Record file operations of Uploading / Downloading
Read/Write Control for specified files Example: Block MP3
Backup specific files with specified file operations
Printing Printing Log
Printing Pages Statistics
Prohibit Use of Printer
More Complete Printing Control
Alert Alert Log
Alert Popup
Alert Message List
Control Policy Basic Policies
External Device Control
IP/MAC Binding Prohibit Network Properties Amendment
Prevent third-party changes the network properties
Screen Capture Real-time Screen Capture
Support Multi-Screen
Screen Capture Log
Base on different applications to adjust the recording interval
Review specified incident screen
Review designated application of continuous images
Tracking different sessions
IM Messages Log
Transfer File log
Email Common Email Log
Exchange Email Log
Web Email Log
Email Control
Remote Maintenance Remote Control
Remote Control with client's agreement
Real-time Check Remote Message
Remote File Transfer
Asset Management Asset Information including a number of properties
Hardware Asset Searching and Analysis
Hardware Asset Changes Log
Software Asset Analysis
Software Asset Changes Log
Custom Class and Attribute
Software Management
Security Patch Management Automatic Monitoring Security Patches
Automatic Downloading Security Patches
Automatic Distributing and Installing Security Patches
Manual Distributing Security Patches and Install
Vulnerability Check Detection of System Vulnerabilities
Software Distribution Distribute software installation
Distribute application execution
Distribute files
Support Distributing Multiple Files and Directories
Network Scanning Remote Agent Installation
Detection of illegal Access to Network
Removable Storage Removable Storage devices authorization use
Removable Storage devices Encrytion
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