How to move the OCULAR3 database from MSDE to SQL server 2005 Express?



1.           Stop the IP-guard server service.

2.           Detach the OCULAR3 database for MSDE using the Detach_Database.bat (Please change the Detach_Database.txt into Detach_Database.bat) or just un-install the MSDE database, the OCULAR3 database will be detached after un-install.

3.           Install the SQL server 2005 Express.

4.           Enter the SQL Server Management Studio Express, expand the ‘Database’ folder in the Object Explorer, and find whether the database ‘OCULAR3’ is inside.

5.           If there is no ‘OCULAR3’ database inside, we need to attach the database back to the Management Studio, right click the ‘Database’ folder and choose ‘Attach ..’

6.           The ‘Attach Databases’ windows appear, click the Add button and choose the path of the OCULAR3_Data.MDF files of the IP-guard installation folder.

(Default path is: C:\Program Files\TEC\IPguard3\OCULAR3_Data.MDF). Then click OK twice to confirm.

7.           Database with name ‘OCULAR3 (In Recovery)’ will be added, please wait and refresh, after the process finished, you are allowed to expand the ‘OCULAR3’ database and view the tables inside. (The time needed depends on the database size)

8.           After that, restart the SQL server Express database service.

9.           If you are NOT using the default database instance (MSSQLSERVER), go to the IP-guard server installation folder (Default path is: C:\Program Files\TEC\IPguard3\), edit the file OServer3.ini , adding the database instance name into it and save the file.



In this example, the database instance name is SQLExpress.

(Optional if you are using the default database instance)

10.       Changing the file dependency of the Ocular V3 server windows service to the database instance listed above:

Assume the IP-guard server default installation path is C:\Program Files\TEC\IPguard3\

i.             Click Windows Start -> Run, and then input "C:\Program Files\TEC\IPguard3\oserver3.exe" -u

ii.           Click Windows Start -> Run, and then input "C:\Program Files\TEC\IPguard3\oserver3.exe" -i

(Please change the path above to your installation path if the IP-guard server is not installed in the default folder)

11.       IP-guard server service will be started automatically.


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