IP-guard modules

Modules Detail functions
Basic Module (Mandatory) Basic Event Logs(Basic event such as system startup / shutdown and user logon / logoff. Asset change log included)
  Basic Control:Send messages to agents, Lock agents, Unlcok agents, Restart agent computers, Logoff agent Windows, and shutdown agent computers
  Alert(All alert operations will not work without this function)
  Block display of Control Panel, mofify display properties, add printers, and delete printers
  Block fast switching user in XP
  Block Computers Management including device manager, disk management, local users and groups, and service management
  Block Task Manager and regedit
  Block command prompt. Block any attempts to write to "Run" and "RunOnce" in the registry
  Block modification of network property; hide "Network Places"; Block modifation of Internet Options; Block default share; Block shares; Block adding shares; Block deleting shares
  Block ActiveX for chat, media, games, and FLASH
  Security Detect
Application Management Application log(Start, Stop,and Window changes)
  Application statistic
  Application policy
  Software installation Control
Web Management Web browsing log
  Web browsing statistic
  Web upload/FTP upload control
  Web policy
Bandwidth Management Network traffic statistic
  network traffic policy
Document Management Document operation log
  Document policy
  Removable Storage Controlling
  Document backup(Also apply to document sent from IM)
Print Management Printing log
  Printing policy
  Watermark policy
  Desktop Request Management - Print, Watermark
Screen Management Monitor screen in real time
  Screen recording/history
Maintenance Remote diagnostic (For administrators to check processes, services, performance, and device information)
  Remote operation(Stop process, kill application, stop service)
  Remote control
  Remote file transfer
Device Management Storage:floppy, cdrom, cd burner, tape drive, portable device (eg. smart phone) and moveble device (USB drive, removable harddisk, memory stick, memory card, MO, Zip)
  Communication:Serial port, parrallel port, USB controller, SCSI controller, 1394 controller, Infrared, PCMICA, Blue Tooth, MODEM, Direct connection(serial port, parrallel port, USB), and dial-up connection
  USB Device:USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB Modem, USB image device, USB CDROM, USB storage, USB hard disk, USB network card, Other USB device
  Others:Audio, wireless network card, PnP network card(USB,PCMICA), virtual CDROM, virtual network card
  Block any new devices
  Desktop Request Management - Device
Network Management Port management
  Upload / Download Bandwidth Control
  IP MAC binding(set in basic policy)
  Intrusion detection(detect and prevent connection from illegal computers)
Email Management Mail monitoring
  Mail policy
Instant Message IM Monitoring
  IM Policy
  IM File Transfer Policy
Asset Management Asset Management
  Patch Management
  Vulnerability Scan
  Software Depolyment
  Software Uninstallation
Removable Storage Management Removable Storage devices registration
  Removable Storage devices permission/authorization
  Removable Storage devices encryption/decryption
  Desktop Request Management - Removable Storage
Report Management Statistics Report
  Trend Report
  Potential Risk Report
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