Are you looking for a solution to control users’ behaviors how to use software application e.g. stop the media player, stop the BT program, stop the FTP program, stop the IM applications?

Here we are going to show you how easy to set an application policy to stop some applications using IP-guard Console.


  1. From the Application Policy panel (Policies->Application), click the button  to new a Application Policy
  2. In the Properties panel, input a policy name e.g. Block all non-productive applications

‧ Select the Block mode
‧ Optionally click the Alert or Warning option
‧  If you select the Alert option, the Console Administrator will receive alert if IP-guard console is running
‧  If you select the Warning option, you are required to input the warning messages which will popup in the end user side e.g. You are not allowing using this application
‧ Click the button  to select specified applications or application classes/categories that the policy will be applied into it.

Figure 1 Application Policy Main Panel

  1. In the Application Setting windows, click the button  to open the Application Classes/Categories windows (see Figure 2)

Figure 2 Open Application Classes/Categories window
‧  In the Application Classes/Categories window, click your desired application class/category that the policy will be applied into it (see Figure 3a).
‧  Click OK to confirm the selection in the Application Classes/Categories window
‧  Click OK again to confirm the selection in the Setting windows (see Figure 3b)

Figure 3a Application Classes/Categories window


Figure 3b Application Setting window

  1. Clickthe button  in the Application Policy panel to save the policy and apply it immediately.

Figure 4 Save Application Policy

  1. To test the policy effect, try to open the Game application.
‧  The user warning message will popup in the client side and (see Figure 5a)
‧   the alert message will also pop up if the IP-guard console is running (see Figure 5b)


Figure 5a User Warning Message

Figure 5b IP-guard Console Alert Message
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