How to block https websites?


  1. Go to Advanced Policy àNetwork, new a policy


  1. In the Property panel, follow the following settings to set the policy
n          Name: input the policy name

n          Time: input the time when you want to activate this policy

n          Mode: block

n          Alert: [optional]if selected, alert will be given to System Administrator

n          Alert level: [optional]depends on your need

n          Warning: [optional]if selected, warning message will be given to end-users

n          Warning message: [optional]input the warning message you want to send to end-users

n          Lock computer: [optional]

n          Only offline: [optional]

n          Expiring time: [optional]

n          Direction: both

n          Port range: TCP: 443

n          IP range: {All}


  1. To test the policy, access to the https website e.g.
n          Result: cannot access to the website and the IP-guard Console user would receive a alert message

n          End-users will receive a waning message and the website cannot display properly

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