What kind of logs that we can get from IP-guard?


IP-guard logs

IP-guard logs contain lots of information which can help network administrator use them to create suitable reports.



Basic Logs

Log system startup/shutdown, log user longon/longoff,



Application statistics

Application Statics provides powerful statistical function which focuses on the daily operations of computer and application usage so as to provide detailed records and complete analysis reports for managers to assess employees’ work behavior.

Gather application statics by application category

Gather application statistics by department


Application Logs

Application logs record all applications start, stop, window change, and title change event.



Web Statistics

Web Statistics affords statistics on what websites users have visited. The statistical data provide references for administrators to easily understand the web browsing behavior of users. 

Gather web browsing statistics by class

Gather web browsing statistics by department


Web Logs

Web logs record the websites browsed by the user. Web logs support different browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape and Opera.



Traffic Statistics

The Network Traffic Statistics helps administrator to quickly trace network obstruction problems so that appropriate response measures can be taken to fix the problems, Traffic Statistics includes network address of both sides of communications, ports and bandwidth. Such information provides administrators with an overview of current network status.

Gather traffic statistics by port

Gather traffic statistics by department



Document Operation Logs

Document Operation logs records user’s document operations on hard disks, network disks, removable storage devices, etc. It includes type, computer, User, Filename, Path, File size, Disk Type, Caption, Application, etc.

Shared File Logs

Shared File logs records operations of remote host in shared files of agent computers. It includes Type, Remote Host, Filename, Path, etc.



Printing Logs

Contents of Printing Logs include printer type, time, computer name, user name, Printing task, printer name, number of pages, document caption and application by which the file was printed.



Removable Storage Operation Logs

Removable Storage Operation Logs records plug-in and plug-out actions, detailed contents include Type, Time, Computer, User, Disk Type, Volume ID, and Description.

Asset Management records

Hardware list

Gather hardware change logs

Gather software list

Gather software changes logs

All Logs can be exported as html, Excel files, or Text File.

Email Logs

IP-guard records emails with attachments including supported SMTP/POP3 email, Exchange email, webmail and Lotus Notes email.


IM Monitoring

System administrators are able to monitor instant message history of agent computers. Supported instant messaging tools include MSN Messenger, ICQ, Skype, Yahoo!Messenger, Tencent QQ, etc.


Screen Snapshot

System administrators are able to monitor user’s desktop in 2 ways:

  1. Real Time Monitoring
  2. Screen Snapshot History

Screen Snapshot – real time monitoring different login users

Screen Snapshot – snapshot history, searching different history logs

Screen Snapshot – snapshot history, viewing the whole time line

Screen Snapshot – snapshot history, only view screens related to the IE application

Screen Snapshot – snapshot history, only view screena for the Windows logon user Administorator.
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