Q:  How to deploy agent in remote site using the direct installation method?

A:  Steps:
  1. The IP-guard server/router should have a real fix IP address.
  2. Port forwarding is needed to be configured in the IP-guard server side router (default gateway).
  3. If the IP-guard server ownthe real fix IP address, then we need to configure in its side router (default gateway), release/open port 8236 and port 8237.
  4. If only the IP-guard server side router(default gateway) own the real fix IP address, then port forwarding to the server virtual IP address is needed for port 8236 and port 8237.
  5. Run the Agent Installation Generator in server:
  6. Input the real fix IP address of the server:

  1. Then create/pack the agent installation program.
  1. Send that agent installation program aboard, find someone to deploy abroad locally.
  2. Reboot the abroad computers which have agent installed.
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