How to backup the data of IP-guard?


To backup the database of IP-guard, you can just simply backup the \DATA folder of the IP-guard installation folder. (Default path: C:\Program Files\TEC\IPguard3\DATA)

In the \DATA folder of the IP-guard installation folder, there are 2 types of files:

1.           The .BAK file of the main database OCULAR3.

The .BAK file will be auto-created every 7 days. It is the auto full backup of the main database OCULAR3 in installation folder.

2.           The daily logs files of IP-guard:

The daily logs database file is in .MDF and .LDF pair, they have the correspondent date in their file name.

The daily log data file will be auto loaded to the SQL server when we search daily log of that day in Console.

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