Features Optimized:
  1. Features of Agent Offline Authorization and Policy Import.
  2. Upgrade Management of Relay Server.
  3. Report Management - Application Report added displaying column of 'Percentage of Active Time' and 'Last Logon User'.

Bugs Fixed:
  1. Registered USB drive/disk information could not be found in the registered group of the removable storage categories.
  2. V+ Encryption - Restricting Printing document function of authorized software was abnormal on Windows 10.
  3. Wrong operating system info was displayed on the console for Windows 2016.
  4. Software Uninstall Control Policy could not prohibit uninstalling Wechat PC version.
  5. Web browsing by using portable green ware of firefox browser cannot be recorded/logged.
  6. Failed to send email by foxmail email client on the agent machine which has Rising Antivirus installed.

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