IP-guard Device Management Module helps you effectively control the access permissions of various kinds of devices, e.g., storage device, communication device, USB device, Bluetooth device, dial-up device, burning device, network device, smart phone device. It effectively and efficiently prevents sensitive data from leaking out via these devices.

Effective and Efficient Device Control

  • Block specified users from using specific devices
  • Block using specific devices during specific time range

Instant Alert and Warning

  • Custom warning messages
  • Pop up warning messages on the users’ side if users want to run any unpermitted devices
  • Pop up alert messages on the administrator’s computer if users use any unpermitted devices

You can allow or block the usage of following devices.

  • Storage Devices: floppy disk, CD-ROM, CD burner, tape drive, and removable devices (e.g., USB drive, removable hard disk, memory stick, memory card, SD card, MP3 player, and iPod), etc.
  • Dialup: dial-up Connection
  • Smart devices: Android smart phone devices, Apple iPhone, iPad devices etc.
  • Communications Devices: COM, LPT, USB controller, SCSI controller, 1394 controller, Infrared, PCMICA, Bluetooth, MODEM, Direct Lines.
  • USB Devices: USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, USB Modem, USB Image Device, USB CD-ROM, USB Storage, USB Hard Disk, USB LAN Adapter, etc.
  • Network Devices: wireless LAN Adapter, PnP Adapter (USB, PCMCIA), virtual CD-ROM and virtual LAN Adapter
  • Others: Audio devices, virtual CD-ROM, etc.

30-Day Free Trial,Free Trial
30-Day Free Trial
This trial version of IP-guard can be used on a maximum of 5 PCs for 30 days. Please note that your accurate and true information is needed because we will verify your information before we send you the trial program.

Become a Reseller,Welcome to join us! We are so proud to offer your business the opportunity to participate in our Reseller Program. As a reseller partner, you will be given authorization to resell IP-guard to companies of all sizes. We look forward to learning more about your business and exploring new ways to help your customers succeed. Please fill in the reseller application below. We will contact you shortly regarding your application.

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