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Print Management
Undeniably, file printing is one of the major ways to let information out of a company. IP-guard Print Management Module helps you manage and record employees’ print activity, and backs up printed files. It effectively protects your confidential data, and helps you save millions of dollars in papers, wasted time and data loss.
Flexible Print Control
  • Specify who can print and who cannot print
  • Block illegal applications from printing
  • Prevent users from using specific printers to print files
Indisputable Printed Files Backup
  • Back up the images of printed files
  • Support backup image viewing
  • Export and save backup images in JPEG format
Detailed Print Logging
  • Record print applications, time, pages, captions, users, computers, print tasks, etc.
  • Support log enquiry by searching time, document, etc
Instant Alert and Warning
  • Custom warning messages
  • Pop up real-time warning messages if unauthorized users want to print or use unauthorized applications to print
  • Immediately pop up alert messages on administrators' computers if users attempt to illegally print documents
IP-guard can control four types of printers
  • Local printer
  • Shared printer
  • Network printer
  • Virtual printer (e.g., PDF creator)
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